(for kirk) i am NOT afraid of bulky shading i am NOT afraid of bulking shading i am NOT AFRAID OF BULKY SHADING (yesiam)


(for kirk) i am NOT afraid of bulky shading i am NOT afraid of bulking shading i am NOT AFRAID OF BULKY SHADING (yesiam)

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One Hundred Bottles of Whiskey: And then @robdelaney says one of the most brilliant things I have ever...


And then says one of the most brilliant things I have ever read on being an evolving ally. No, I take that back. An evolving human being.

Have you ever regretted anything you’ve posted or said publicly?
Of course. I don’t use the word “tranny” anymore. I used to. I just…



#i would marry rory so fast i’d blow a hole in the space-time continuum

#why does nobody talk about this scene #honestly just look at his face #he’s crushed #and right after that last gif #he does this thing where he shakes his head #kinda like ‘no we’re getting married’ #she wouldnt do that anymore #things are different now #cause amy was always a flirt #and he had gotten used to her kissing guys on a regular basis #but it was the night before their wedding #and you can see how happy he is even when amy is mentioned #but it hits him like a battering ram #she tried to kiss this guy #who has done nothing but make her wait #while i never leave her #but she wants him #she wants the doctor #and theres nothing i can do about it #cause im just rory

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Do different languages confer different personalities?


The Economist - RLG - November 5th

LAST week, Johnson took a look at some of the advantages of bilingualism. These include better performance at tasks involving “executive function” (which involve the brain’s ability to plan and prioritise), better defence against dementia in old age and—the obvious—the ability to speak a second language. One purported advantage was not mentioned, though. Many multilinguals report different personalities, or even different worldviews, when they speak their different languages.

It’s an exciting notion, the idea that one’s very self could be broadened by the mastery of two or more languages. In obvious ways (exposure to new friends, literature and so forth) the self really is broadened. Yet it is different to claim—as many people do—to have a different personality when using a different language. A former Economist colleague, for example, reported being ruder in Hebrew than in English. So what is going on here?

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Here’s some helpful charts to help you throughout your day.

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Shakespearean Insults


Thy mother’s name is ominous to children. —from “Richard III”


Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013 Competition Shortlist

Run by the Royal Observatory Greenwich in association with Sky at Night Magazine.

The 2013 shortlist was chosen from a record number of over 1,200 entries from amateurs and professional photographers from around the globe, with all entries to the competition were submitted via a dedicated Flickr group .

Click the link to see the full list and more info on each entry

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Brit-pick Hints for Sherlock Authors - red_adam - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]


I’m linking this here (mostly so I can easily find it later) because it contains so much useful information, not only for (fanfic) writers but also linguists and translators. For those of you who struggle with British and American expressions. :>


Mark Gatiss & Martin Freeman Appreciation


Benedict Cumberbatch rehearsing #NTFrankenstein - Arena: The National Theatre (BBC Four)


Famous Movie Liners You’ve Been Quoting Wrong For Years.



Every time a login has an option that says, “Remember me,” I assume I’m being summoned to revenge a king’s murder.

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